Transport Statements

What is a Transport Statement?

Where the transport issues arising out of a proposed development do not require a full Transport Assessment to inform the planning process adequately and identify suitable mitigation, for example smaller developments that generate lower levels of traffic and people movement, the transport consultant will produce a simplified report in the form of a Transport Statement which will be used by the Highway Authority to determine whether the impact of the development on transport is acceptable. The Transport Statement will typically contain an appraisal of the following issues:

  • Existing site and local highway network conditions
  • The accessibility of the site by public transport and local walking and cycling facilities
  • The transport characteristics of the proposed development such as the level of car and cycle parking and proposed servicing strategy, access arrangements and the likely trip generation (generally determined using the TRICS or TRAVL databases) of the proposals
  • How the development complies with relevant national, regional and local transport policies
  • The potential transport impacts of the development

Requirement for a Transport Statement

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) states that all planning applications for developments that generate significant amounts of movement should be supported by a Transport Statement or Transport Assessment and a Travel Plan and that development should only be prevented or refused on transport grounds where the residual cumulative impacts of development are severe.

The need for and content of a Transport Statement are site and development specific though take account of the guidance set out by the Department for Transport, Transport for London and individual Planning and Highway Authorities on what types and scales of development require a Transport Statement or a Transport Assessment and what level and scope of assessment is needed.

Need a Transport Statement?

We have undertaken numerous Transport Assessments, Transport Statements and Travel Plans nationwide for all types of development proposals and would be happy to provide you with a competitive fee proposal for a Transport Statement, please email us on please email Andrew Murdoch at or Stuart Davies at, or call 020 7100 0753.